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Whether you are an actor/actress, a singer, musician, model or have any other talent then you have come to the right place. TALENT SCOUTERS are here to look for fresh talent no matter where in the world they are.



 We are a worldwide online service bringing agents to talent or viceversa.

Talent agencies are welcome to join us and look at the talent included in our site.

TALENT SCOUTERS look for talent, hold their information here and agents can then browse the artistic talent they are looking for.


If you are an artist then you can join here as a member, create an artistic profile then go on to add photos and videos, as well as add entries to the forum.

 When you join please DO NOT add any contact information, email, website address, phone number or event/casting call/shoot to your profile. Just add who you are and what you do or any past work experience. Members will be able to contact you with a message to ask you for all this information. If you are an agent or agency then please contact us clicking on the CONTACT button on the right.

Once you joined and have been accepted as a member you can start creating your profile!!  Please call back frequently as new members and agents will be joining every day! Thanks, Alistair Watts - owner of Talent Scouters.


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